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One of the oldest winemaking companies in the Republic of Moldova was founded in century XIX. In the State Record Office there are documents certifying that the Company „Trade and Production Partnership N. L. Shustov & Sons” set up in 1898 in Chisinau a cognac plant read more



Divin is made from wine distillates aged in oak barrels.

In the Republic of Moldova the word „Divin” means something pure, wonderful, with exceptional attributes, which reveal all the features of grapes gathered in this refined drink. Today the destiny of divin is closely linked to our country, since it is the favorable climate (microzone), the unique topography that allow the cultivation of those varieties of grapes needed to produce the most refined drink.

 Quality of divin depends in many aspects on the wine materials used for the production of alcohol. For the production of wine materials we use grape of certain varieties growing in the Codri zone of Moldova: Aligote, Feteasca, Rcaţiteli, Silvaner.

The obtained distillates are subject to the maturity on oak barrels of 300 – 500 l capacity in Company’s cellars, at a constant temperature and humidity of air. The maturity duration depends on divin mark and oscillates from 3 years (for the mark “Three stars” – “3***”) to infinity. At the storage facilities of the Company there are distillates of more than 60 years old.
The character of divin is formed by the term of its maturation. Gradually it loses its alcohol strength absorbing the tanning and aromatic agents from the wood, year by year acquiring its specific taste and color.

The art of the expert manifests itself in the skilful selection of alcohols from different lots for blending and in the harmony of the taste and aroma of the beverage, in retaining the typical qualities of each divin brand.
After filling in bottles the ageing of divin ends. The age of divin will be appropriate to the age of the alcohol used in the blend.
The winemaking traditions of the Company are kept for more than 100 years and they passed from generation to generation.

Together with traditional methods the specialists of the Company successfully apply modern technologies in production of other strong drinks: brandy, vodka, apple cider spirit.