Aroma SA

One of the oldest winemaking companies in the Republic of Moldova was founded in century XIX. In the State Record Office there are documents certifying that the Company „Trade and Production Partnership N. L. Shustov & Sons” set up in 1898 in Chisinau a cognac plant read more

Divin „AROMA” 30 years old

Category: XXO
Age: 30 years
Alcohol: 40% vol.
Is a superior quality divin, produced from wine distillates aged for 30 years. The unique, delicate, uncommon taste, large distinctive bouquet with subtle ether undertone, confers on it a distinctive individuality to manifest its-self.

At international exhibitions is awarded with two GRAND Gold medals and two gold medals. In 2008 at the contest “The Trademark of the Year” won the Gold Mercury.