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One of the oldest winemaking companies in the Republic of Moldova was founded in century XIX. In the State Record Office there are documents certifying that the Company „Trade and Production Partnership N. L. Shustov & Sons” set up in 1898 in Chisinau a cognac plant read more

Premiere: Divine Aroma XXO 70 years old

Premiere: Divine Aroma XXO 70 years old

Uncategorized 🕔June 11, 2021

The Aroma wine producer from Chisinau recently launched a unique product on the market: the 70-year-old divine Aroma XXO, representing the oldest distillate currently available on the Moldovan market.

Currently, we have in Moldova some specimens of 50-55 years, less than 60 years, and the 70 years is a first. It is, indeed, a bottled history, encompassing different eras, generations of technologists, and experience in the art of distillery and the maturation of high-quality products.

The distillate dates, according to the technological files, from 1944 – 1946, being matured during this period, in the cellars of the Aroma plant, one of the oldest in the Republic of Moldova.

The technology card is a production secret and cannot be published, but anyone who is interested can be guaranteed the authenticity of the product for 70 years. It is a single oak barrel with the divine septuagenarian, whose value rises to a figure with several zeros.

He is obviously an elite divine. Cast in Bohemian crystal, with capsule and label engraved with gold, souvenir box – 700 ml of pure gold! Each bottle in the limited collection is hand-shaped.

We can talk about this product only in the superlative, with unique features, an elixir for the most refined tastes! Natural amber color, mesmerizing, with a symphony of flavors and tastes. A divine that can be enjoyed for hours, discovering new notes that complete the aromatic picture: spices, shades of dried fruit, oak, resin. Obviously, a divine deserves to be enjoyed with very small sips, in order to appreciate it at its fair value.

It costs 51,750 lei (about 2,400 euros) and can be found in the company’s specialty stores (by the way, Aroma has a new company store, on Bucuriei Street 20, behind Topaz, near the BMW center). With the password “FineWine” you also get a 5% discount, which compared to the price of the divine, is a grandparent amount.

Also here can be found other exclusive products of the company, but also ordinary divines, at a good price. In other words, you can also organize private visits to Aroma (it’s in the heart of the capital!), Believe me: it’s something to see and taste!