The history of cognac.

       A sophisticated drink that reminds us that in the days of old, after dinner people were enjoying a glass of
cognac with a cigar. The history of cognac is closely linked with the trade in salt and wine.
      In XIII century the Dutch boats were anchoring in Charente to lay in supplies of salt, and before leaving the harbor they were buying wine to ship it to the Northern Europe countries. Unfortunately, the bacchanal drink was not shipped in the best conditions and the Dutch merchaants thought of distilling the drink. The result of distillation was a less voluminous and perishable product.
            In XVII century Charente wine producers discovered the double distillation which improved the drink. While stored in oak barrels that give it an amber color, cognac reaches its maturity.
            Very soon cognac becomes an appreciated drink and is seen as the finest distilled drink in the world.
            In 1909 the French government issued a decree according to which only the beverage that comes from the French region Cognac, distilled and produced by authentic methods can be called cognac. In many countries this drink is named brandy. In the Republic of Moldova the drink produced by applying the classic technology for cognac production is called divin

 A special attention is paid to the way divin is served. For the connoisseurs this is rather a ritual, where senses are truly revealed.

    Divin is served in special spherical glasses, at the room temperature, the glasses should be filled no more than to one third. To feel better the taste and aroma of the drink, the glass should be warmed in the arms before use of the drink. Aroma
   Take the glass and look at the surface. The light color of the divin points to young divins, amber, golden – to older.
   Then you smell divin and find numerous aromatic notes.
   Now you can taste divin. A small sip will make you to estimate all the complexity of flavor. Quality divin will leave a sensation of warmth and unctuousness.

   Divin concentrates all the best features of the grape, wine and oak wood. Thus, it is not just a cheering drink. If it is used in reasonable doses, it has a beneficial influence on the human body.   Divin is usually served for dessert; and go well with fine cheeses, different desserts, chocolate, and coffee.