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One of the oldest winemaking companies in the Republic of Moldova was founded in century XIX. In the State Record Office there are documents certifying that the Company „Trade and Production Partnership N. L. Shustov & Sons” set up in 1898 in Chisinau a cognac plant read more

Aroma started its new promotion “6 + 1”

Aroma started its new promotion “6 + 1”

Uncategorized 🕔July 5, 2019

We invite you to benefit from the 6 + 1 promotion for 5 years old divin
(Barza Albă, Barza Neagră, Belîi Aist, Fenix, Aroma), and for 7 years old divin (Moldova).

The promotion is valid for the period from 10 to 31 July  2019 and assumes
that the purchase of 6 bottles on a single receipt or tax invoice you
receive 1 bottle of the same product for free. For details, you can contact the Aroma specialised store in Chisinau,

Petru Movilă Street, 37,

tel. 022 295719.