One of the oldest winemaking companies in the Republic of Moldova was founded in century XIX.

      In the State Record Office there are documents certifying that the Company „Trade and Production Partnership N. L. Shustov & Sons” set up in 1898 in Chisinau a Aromacognac plant. The complex was one of the biggest in Russia. Its headquarters were located in Moscow city, and it had subsidiaries in Erevan, Odessa, Smolensk etc. The opening of a subsidiary in Chisinau town was not accidental, since all the wine produced in Basarabia was stored here in that period.

  Charentais alembic typeThe basic activity of the Industrial Complex was production of cognacs, which were competitive with the French ones. The factory was equipped with a modern device for the production of distillates with French system "MARSETE" from Cognac town in France. The product was kept in small barrels, and then transported by railway to Moscow where it was bottled.
The Company passed through many reorganizations and changed many names. Since 1959 it had been widely known as the Chisinau Wine and Cognac Combine. The present name appeared in 1983 as a result of the incorporation of the Production Union „AROMA”. After the dissolution of the Union, the Company retained that name and in January 2000 it was reorganized in the Joint Stock Company „AROMA”.
The Company is specialized on the production of strong drinks, predominantly on divin. The range of products under the trademark “AROMA” includes more than 30 items of divin. About 80% of the manufactured products are destined for export.
            JSC „Aroma” has built its image gradually and at the moment it is highly positive and quite reputable. Credit for building a good image should be given to the whole staff, that pays a special attention to the whole technological process by looking for new solutions in the production process, procuring modern equipment (bottling lines, refrigeration devices, distillation devices etc.), which does not remain unnoticed by partners, experts and, ultimately, by the final consumer.
            AromaAware of the fact that quality is a sure way to achieve success JSC „Aroma” was one of the first wineries in the country that was honored with the certification in Quality Management System and Conformity to International Standards ISO – 9001 and ISO - 22000 . The worldwide recognition of the quality of its products benefits the company in terms of its positioning on the global market. The rigorous quality assessment criteria require active marketing, design strategies and always competitive products.
          High quality of the products under the trademark “AROMA” is confirmed by 9 GRAND PRIX, 3 Big Gold Medals and more than 30 gold and silver medals awarded at the most prestigious international events. Our beverages, made according to the classical technologies with due regard for the modern winemaking trends, can successfully compete with the most famous beverages of the world.

            JSC „AROMA” will make sure both experts and ordinary consumers enjoy refined beverage preserving the flavor, color and taste of grape berries.